Silver Altar

Altar that was mounted in the main chapel of the cathedral to manifest the Blessed Sacrament in the eighths of Corpus Christi and Immaculate Conception and in the Triduum of Carnival.

The partial destruction of the lower bodies during their stay in Cadiz from 1810 to 1813, in order to make up for the expenses of the War of Independence, together with the difficulty of their assembly, has motivated that fewer and fewer pieces are available for their placement. It is currently permanent and is located in the northern section of the transept in front of the Puerta de la Concepción. Its basic structure is retained at the top of the complex and what has been modified most is the formal structure of the rest of elements that together completed the iconographic and testimonial montage of the monument. The two wonderful figures that constitute a splendid example of chromatic brilliance, the folding movement and the devotional character that deployed the Sevillian imagery and silverware of the eighteenth century, such as San Isidoro and San Leandro, which have also been duly restored, remain unchanged.

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