Main sacristy

It is the first of the Renaissance spaces of the cathedral, in such a way that the aforementioned façade was designed in conjunction with it and to envelop the spaces that had been built in the area in the preceding and next years.

It consists, in essence, of a large dome on pendentives that rest in an Magna classical ordination; Four very compressed spaces are attached to it, housed between the stirrups of the vault, and a three-party “presbytery”, with two small lateral areas, all covered by vaults lavishly decorated in plateresque terms, according to a dense iconographic program produced by the Canon Pedro Pineo. The ensemble was designed by the architect Diego de Riaño, between 1,530 and 1,532; Although, when he passed away, the two sacristies were not yet finished, at least their basic configurations could be said to be direct consequences of their traces, but, as expected, given the professional tonic of the time, its appearance should also be considered product of the decisive contributions of the Capitulars, other master quarriers and the other interveners, which were not few.

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