Chapter room

This elliptical space constitutes one of the summits of the Spanish architecture of Mannerism.

The iconographic program was designed by Canon Francisco Pacheco and integrates fresco paintings by Pablo de Céspedes in 1592, reliefs by Juan Bautista Vázquez El Viejo and Diego de Velasco, placed ten years earlier. The rectangular reliefs were made around 1590 by Marcos Cabrera. In the vault is a magnificent series of works by Murillo commissioned by the Cabildo to the painter in 1667. The sole, placed in 1591, is inspired by Michelangelo designed for the Plaza del Campidoglio in Rome, because, although this was not built until the twentieth century, its appearance was disclosed throughout Europe by means of engravings. At present the Capitulars only meet in this place on one occasion during the Holy Week, but it is usually used as a meeting room and conferences of the cultural extensions of the Seville Cathedral.

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