Prince’s Gate – Puerta del Príncipe

This portal, whose atrium, presided over by the Giraldillo, is accessible to the cultural visit of the cathedral, is the south front of the cruise ship and looks towards the Archivo General de Indias, former Merchants’ Market.

Although begun and partially decorated at the beginning of the Edada Moderna, the works that have given us the current result began with a project by the Navarrese architect Adolfo Fernández Casanova, whose plaster model was already made in 1885, but the works did not start Until January 17, 1887. It was made with very white stone coming from quarries of Monóvar (Alicante) and did not respect the forecasts of the project in detail; The works were finished towards 1901 being left with a solitary sculpture, that copies to one of the images of the old covers.

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