Door of the Conception – Puerta De la Concepcion

Cover located in the north front of the cruise that opens to the patio of the Naranjos;

From 1915 it receives the name of door of the Conception, but previously was called “Door Colorada”. Its lateral stirrups were made in time of the master Juan de Hoces, continuing the high parts Juan Gil de Hontañón. The central part was the object of a project signed by the architect Demetrio de los Rios and Serrano in 1866, but the works were stopped in 1868. In 1893 the architect Adolfo Fernandez Casanova made the project of the current door, which was not concluded until 1917 In which the author used the Gothic style of the rest of the building, although enriching it with a certain decorative exuberance, so that, despite its late date, it harmonizes perfectly with what was built in previous centuries.

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