Who built the seville cathedral?

The Cathedral was built to demonstrate the city's wealth, as it had become a major trading center in the years after the Reconquista in 1248. In 1401, city leaders decided to build a new cathedral to replace the grand mosque that served as the cathedral until then.
One of the first master builders was Master Carlin (Charles Galter), from Normandy , who had previously worked in other large European Gothic cathedrals and came to Spain believed to be fleeing the Hundred Years' War. On October 10, 1506, the last stone was placed in the highest part of the dome, symbolically the cathedral was finished, although in reality they continued to work uninterruptedly over the centuries, both for interior decoration, as to add new dependencies or consolidate and restore the damage caused by the passage of time, or extraordinary circumstances, among which include the Lisbon earthquake of 1755 that produced only minor damage despite its intensity. In these works, the architects Diego de Riaño , Martín de Gainza and Asensio de Maeda took part. Also at this stage Hernán Ruiz built the last body of the Giralda . The cathedral and its premises were completed in 1593.